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  About us

Zibo Zhongsheng Machinery CO.,LTD. is located in Zibo city which is famous for its advanced industry and transportation system. The company occupies land of 26000mz and construction area of 18000rf12 with clean factory rooms and rich production machines. Zibo zhongsheng machinery company could finish its engineering, production, creation and management by internet communication.
Since its establishment, it insists absorbing and taking good use of educated people to manage the business and offer the best service and products to clients. It holds a belief that is to work not only for itself but also for the progress of technology and the profit of the country. Nowadays, it has grown into a famous machinery and chemical container factory.The company is qualified and certified to engineer,  produce,  erect and test pressure containers and vessels of Degree I,Degree   lI   and  Degree  lIl .  It  has  supplied  pressure  containers  and  vessels  to  many  fields  such  as  medicine,  chemical products, construction materials, ceramics, refractory materials and metal melting.  Its distribution work has been from China to the other countries.
The company has many factory rooms which could finish respectively welding, enamel pasting, machinery process, heat process, container pressing. It has plasma cutting machine introduced from USA, MZ-1000-1 Automatic arc welding machine, 6x3200 Steel plate reeling machine, Pipe bending machine of cD108, 30 sets of welding, cutting machines such as cD8000x16000 horizontal machine, cD2500 vertical machine,  (p50x6000 machine and horizontal drilling machine, 1600x8000 CNC milling machine, 080 drilling machine, gear hobbing machine, planning machine, 2000T and 500T oil pressing machine, casting machine. Model of pressure containers are 200 sets. It has enamel ceramic burning furnace of  50L-30000L melting tank, electric control furnace of①900x5000,①650x5000,650x3600 well type, 4000x2000x1400,2000x1000x750, 1200x600x400, 600x300x250 box type and 4000x2500x5000annealing furnace and quenching machine.
After developing for many years, the company now could produce: ceramic enamel vessels, flanges, heads of the containers,auxiliary parts of standards and non standards activation tanks, vessels, containers, heat exchangers, cold condensing  machine, towers, expansion joints.
It produces machines of all kinds such as: mixing machines, filtering machine, delivery machine, ball grinding machine,rotary furnace, pelleting machine, mini powder machine, steel melting machines. It could also produce other kinds of machines of large size and heavy weight, or complicated structure.
Zibo zhongsheng machinery company ltd insist working for win-win relation and lead social progress. It welcomes the opportunities and business cooperation from clients to live a better life!

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